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Taipei, Taiwan - September 20, 2020


Chingshin Academy is now an official partner school with TVO ILC, the designated distance learning partner of the Ontario Ministry of Education.


The best way to prepare for learning abroad and to apply to top Canadian universities and colleges is by earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Chingshin Academy’s cohort of grade 9 and 10 students are now part of the first high school in Taiwan to enrol in TVO ILC’s diploma program, known as the Facilitated Independent Learning Model or FILM, this academic year.  


Borderless Education is the exclusive, official TVO ILC FILM program provider in Taiwan. Borderless Education’s Program Manager, Gary Lau says: “We are so proud to have Chingshin Academy, one of the top schools in Taiwan, as our first partner school. Chingshin students have a strong history of academic excellence, and the FILM program from TVO ILC will definitely strengthen their English curricular learning through this international program.”


TVO ILC also has a long history of excellence. They have been the distance learning partner of the Ontario Ministry of Education since 1926, and the largest high school in Ontario, with nearly 20,000 students annually.


Through the FILM high school program, Chingshin students are able to earn the world-renowned Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) while living and studying locally in Taiwan. This program also enables Chingshin students to graduate with both the Ontario OSSD and Taiwan high school diploma (Dual Diploma).  


“Chingshin students who earn both diplomas have tremendous flexibility when applying to universities, both locally in Taiwan and overseas,” Gary adds.  “They have the additional benefit of engaging with a complete English learning environment while being able to continue to live at home with their families. This increases their level of family support while reducing the stresses and expenses related to studies abroad.”


“With COVID-19 and changing travel advisories, learning abroad has become unpredictable and we are quite worried about the health and safety of our daughter,” says Vivian Hsu, mother of a TVO ILC student. “Online learning with TVO ILC has allowed our daughter to learn within an international English program and receive a high-quality education while keeping her healthy at home in Taiwan.”


The FILM program offers the advantages of a highly innovative and interactive digital learning platform with the benefits of a structured, local classroom environment to support student learning and ensure academic success. Both Ontario certified teachers as well as certified classroom facilitators at school support student learning. Chingshin students also receive personalized university planning advice from Ontario certified guidance counsellors.  


To learn more about the TVO ILC Ontario High School program, please contact: 

Anita Lee, Business Specialist

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