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Customize your own pathway to success

and earn credits toward your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).  Borderless Facilitated High School program offers one-on-one personalized guidance consultations to select key courses

needed for your chosen program, as well as supporting

your university and college application process.

Successful Manager

Pathway 1
Grade 10 Home-Schooled Science Stream Student

Olivia is a home-schooled student planning to apply to a Life Sciences program (BSc) at a Canadian university. Olivia will focus on enrolling in English, Math and Sciences courses under the Ontario curriculum, with the rest of her subjects from the local Taiwanese curriculum. Olivia will not be taking the Taiwan national university entrance exam.

TVO ILC courses are recognized by the Taiwan education bureau for submitting to your homeschooling plan. Enrolling in our program offers the added benefit for home-schooled students to graduate with an internationally recognized secondary school diploma, while studying and living in Taiwan.

Grade 10

1st Semester
G10 English     G10 Math

2nd Semester
G10 Science     G11 English

Ontario Literacy Test (OSSLT)

Grade 11

1st Semester
G11 Biology     G11 Chemistry     G11 Math - Functions

2nd Semester
G12 Biology     G12 English

Community Volunteer Service (40 hours)

Summer: IELTS or TOEFL Test

(Not part of our programming)

Grade 12

1st Semester
G12 Advanced Functions     G12 Chemistry

2nd Semester
G12 Calculus     G12 Earth & Space Science


    Oct - University Application Centre Opens
    Early Jan - University Application Deadline
    Early Apr - 2nd Semester Mid-Term Grades Submission
    May - Conditional Offers from Canadian Universities
    May - Apply for Study Permit

OSSD Diploma issued by TVO ILC

Note:   Students can start enrolment in program from grade 9 to grade 12. Courses from the Taiwan curriculum (Grade 9 to 11) will be granted as equivalent credits towards the OSSD.

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