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Is the TVO ILC online platform engaging for students?

TVO ILC uses D2L’s state-of-the-art virtual learning environment. The platform provides a student-centred multi-modal user experience, current and relevant course content, and personalized guidance. Student will develop 21st century competencies, such as self-directed learning, creativity, use of digital tools, and enhance communication techniques, which are critical for post-secondary success.

What are the advantages of graduating with the TVO ILC Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)?

TVO ILC students graduating with an OSSD are able to apply to Canadian and global universities the same as students attending Canadian public schools. With student assessments performed by TVO ILC teachers and final examinations administered under strict protocols, student’s results are highly credible, recognized and accepted by top universities in Canada, United States, Europe and Asia.

What are the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements?

Students will need to earn 30 course credits, participate in a minimum 40 hours of community involvement activities (in Taiwan), and successfully complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) or take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC4O), which can be counted as a Grade 12 credit. Students’ previous or concurrent high school experiences may be counted towards the OSSD.

Can students study both the local Taiwan high school program and Ontario program at the same time?

Yes. In fact, many of our current students study full-time at their local Taiwan high school, while also enrolling in our facilitated high school program, to broaden their academic and learning skills. The flexibility of the program offers students the opportunity to graduate with both Taiwan and Ontario high school diplomas (Dual Diploma), for a successful transition to post-secondary education.

Can students transfer course credits from Taiwan high school to the Ontario program?

Yes. Students’ existing Grade 9 to Grade 11 course credits from Taiwan high school study are eligible to be granted as equivalent Ontario credits under the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process, with a maximum of 23 credits out of the 30 credits required to complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). This enables students to make efficient use of study time to complete the OSSD requirements.

Are students learning online at home, on their own?

No. Our facilitated high school program enables students to check in with their teacher facilitator for learning support. The Borderless team of Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) will help students set learning goals, determine learning strategies, review resources, and provide language learning support in an English learning environment. Students will also have access to personalized support from subject- specific OCT teachers from Borderless and TVO ILC.

Are students required to study in Canada as part of the Facilitated high school program?

No. Students are not required to study in Canada during any part of the our high school program. With the partnership between Borderless Education and TVO ILC, students can graduate from the program while living and studying in Taiwan.

What are some of the cost benefits of studying in the Borderless program, in comparison to other international high school programs?

Tuition costs are substantially lower than local Taiwan international schools or enrolling abroad as an international student. Students only pay for the courses that they need to fulfil their academic goals and OSSD requirements, and are given the opportunity to earn this world renowned Ontario OSSD diploma while living in Taiwan, achieving both time and cost savings.

I’m currently studying full-time in a local Taiwanese high school, and I’m an English Language Learner. Are the courses too difficult for me to complete?

Students have the flexibility to enrol in any number of courses that fit their schedule and academic goals. Our teacher facilitators will provide students with personalized language learning support and review learning resources to ensure that they can succeed in our program.

How are TVO ILC courses evaluated?

Students typically complete 4-6 units in a course, typically culminating with an assessment at the end of each unit. A final assessment and/or examination will follow completion of the course. The course work is generally worth 70-80% of the total grade, and the final assessment / examination is worth 20-30%.

I'm a home-schooled student in Taiwan, am I eligible to join the program?

Yes, certainly. Home-schooled students should be between the age of 14 and 18 and are required to provide academic records and official school transcripts. TVO ILC courses are recognized by the Taiwan education bureau when you submit your homeschooling plan. Enrolling in our program offers the added benefit for home-school students to graduate with an internationally recognized secondary school diploma, while living in Taiwan.

My goal is to study abroad at a Canadian university or college. How can the program help?

Our University Foundation pathway offers personalized guidance consultations to select key courses needed for your chosen program, as well as support the university and college application process. A customized pathway plan will be built according to your learning pathway. Studying in the Ontario curriculum and graduating with the OSSD is extremely helpful in preparing students with the Canadian education experience and the academic English skills to easily transition to post-secondary learning in Canada.

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