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Earn high school credits
towards your OSSD Ontario Secondary
School Diploma.

For Self-Study & Home-Schooled
Learners in Taiwan.

Official Provider of TVO ILC
high school program in Taiwan.

Facilitated Online
High School Program

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The best way to prepare for learning abroad and to apply to top Canadian universities and colleges is by earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Through the Borderless Facilitated Online High School program, powered by TVO ILC, students are provided with an unique opportunity to obtain a Canadian education experience from Ontario, and earn high school credits toward the world renowned OSSD, while studying and living locally in Taiwan. 


Students will develop 21st century competencies, such as self-directed learning, creativity, use of digital tools, and enhance communication technique, which are critical for post-secondary success. The Borderless team of Ontario Certified teacher facilitators and academic advisors will provide students with the additional language learning support and create personalized pathways they require to achieve their academic goals.

Teacher in Classroom

Ontario Certified Teachers


University Pathway Guidance


Language Learning Support


Canadian Education Experience


OSSD Diploma


Personlized Feedback


Equivalent Credit Transfer


Cost & Time Effective

Borderless is proud to be the official provider of the

TVO ILC high school program in Taiwan. 


TVO ILC is the designated distance learning partner of the Ontario Ministry of Education since 1926, and the largest high school in the province, with over 20,000 students annually. Their world-class platform offers students a more engaging user experience, upgraded course content, and additional interactive learning tools.


TVO ILC courses are custom-designed to meet the Ontario Ministry of Education’s strict requirements. The courses are developed by experienced subject-matter experts and writers approved by the Ontario College of Teachers. Through virtual labs, simulations, and interactive course contents, students are invited to deeply engage with their learning, advancing their knowledge of digital tools by submitting assignments in digital formats such as voice and video recording, blogs and slides.

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Program Schedule

Our Learn At Home students have the flexibility to enrol in any number of courses that fit their schedule and academic goals. For an 18-week semester, students typically commit 4 hours of self study and homework time each week per course, while checking in with the teacher facilitator to set learning goals, determine learning strategies, review resources, and provide language learning supports in an English learning environment. Students can enrol in up to 4 courses per semester.

Available Courses

Grade 9




Visual Arts

Learning Strategies

Canadian Geography

Grade 11





Environmental Science



and Sociology

Visual Arts

World Religions

World History

Media Study

Entrepreneurship: The Venture

The Individual & the Economy

Marketing: Retail & Service

Health For Life

Hospitality and Tourism

Grade 10




Introduction to Business

Canadian History

Civics and Citizenship

Careers Studies

Grade 12



Functions/Calculus and Vectors/

Data Management


Earth and Space Science

Canadian History

Families in Canada



International Business

Business Leadership and

World Culture

Studies in Literature

The Writer's Craft

Science Courses
Art Students

Earn the World Renowned OSSD
Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Students will submit their Taiwan report cards to be assessed for equivalent credits to transfer to Ontario credits. These equivalent credits will be counted towards the 30 credits needed for the OSSD.

Students will receive programming guidance to help select their courses based on their post-secondary goals, manage their community service hours, and meet the provincial literacy requirement (test or course).

Entry Requirements


O  Official government-issued photo identification (Passport)
O  Academic transcripts and record (School seal/stamp, Grades Legend)

Note: Grade 9 to current records OR Grade 8 Transcript for students who have recently completed Grade 8

O  The grade or age requirements for the next grade courses (Minimum 14 years of age in the calendar year starting Grade 9)
O  Meet English proficiency levels as follows (Grade 9 & 10 / Grade 11 & 12):

Pass the Borderless English Proficiency Test OR

IELTS (min 4.0-4.5 / 4.5-5.0)

TOEFL (min 40-60 / 50-70)

CAEL (min 60)

​Cambridge (min B1 Preliminary / B2 First)

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Facilitated Online High School Program

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